Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance 

We work with many European, American and international insurance companies who recognize our skilled medical capabilities. Sometimes they may cover the medical costs directly. The insurance company can even pay for your hotel stay, depending on your type of insurance.


Private Treatments

High Quality First Class Care, by highly trained and experienced doctors at very reasonable prices.

Medical Tourism is an increasing phenomenon in which you can combine a Caribbean vacation with a procedure at a clinic or hospital. At the Sahoury Clinic you can have a first class procedure performed by top quality European and American registered, highly experienced doctors and specialists. With the difference that our costs are lower than European and American hospitals. The total costs of a treatment and an unforgettable vacation on Curacao can even be lower than a treatment at your local hospital. 

Our dedicated staff always find a way to make your experience on the island a pleasant one for you and your loved ones. They will help you plan every step of the way before you come to The Sahoury Pain Clinic. Besides the medical, insurance and financial aspects we can also arrange or bring you in contact with several hotels and other services you may need like transportation. You can even enjoy a luxurious hotel with amenities like spa's and beautiful island trips.

Feel free to contact us through or tel (599-9) 736-3006.