Cancer Pain & Palliative Care

Cancer is a disease with many different types, and each type requires understanding and specialized treatment. Just as the many stages with different forms of pain. We understand this process and preventing is better than treating the further along symptoms of the illness. If we treat a patient in the early stages of cancer we can avoid and minimize pain and all other symptoms. Our palliative care we focus on improving the quality of life.

What is palliative care?
Palliative care is a specialized medical total care for people with a long-term illness or who are Incurably ill with severe pain.
Palliative care does not cure an underlying condition, but focuses on treating symptoms, like severe pain or difficulty breathing. It is designed to make life more comfortable and to offer support to both patient and family.

About the/ Treatment for patient & family
We treat symptoms like severe pain or difficulty breathing, to make the patient more comfortable. We also focus on emotional symptoms both for patient and family. We help the patient to manage physical and non-physical causes of pain, like sadness and depression.

Medical treatment at home
Cancer can demand care beyond what a family can provide. An intensive care unit is too much care - especially if the prognosis is longer than 3 months – and at home you don’t have all the medical requirements. With our medical care we intend to let patients remain in the comfort of their own home, as much as possible. We arrange all medical care needed.

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If you or your loved one has cancer and is in constant chronic pain, our specialized doctors at the Sahoury Pain Clinic, can help you.

Sahoury Pain Clinic
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SVB and private insurances generally covers our medical pain treatments. Your doctor can write a letter of referral for your palliative care treatment.